10 Best Uses Of Cel-Shading In Gaming, Ranked

Cel shaders are a type of rendering that eschews realism in order to simulate the look of a 2D drawing. TB shaded games have a timeless quality that tends to age better visually than games that prioritize polygon count over the creative art direction. With proper use of color, texture work, and lighting, even a shaded game from 1999 can look as good as a modern-day title.

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These games looked great at the time, and will still look great years from now. The best candy shaded games are sure to excite the “oohs” and “awes” of the spectators and be just as fun to watch.

10 Dragon Ball FighterZ is Akira Toriyama’s best looking video game

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21

After a long history of rapid seizure of licensed cash, Dragon Ball FighterZ The look and feel of the source material stands out with lush visuals and intricate animation. The character models are expressive, and the projectiles are absolutely in the right position.

like the movie Spider-Man inside the spider worldThe cut scenes intentionally ignore the animated frames of the characters to give the game a traditional hand-drawn look. While many games have used art by Akira Toriyama and cel-shading, the efforts of Arc System Works are undoubtedly the best looking game for exercising his distinct style.

9 Madworld is the title of Bloody Noir

Madworld Wii Finisher

Although the Wii lacks the graphic capabilities of its HD competitors, Madworld’s Comic book Art Noir directing played to the strengths of the hardware. Evoke the look of a manga and blend it with the bravery of Frank Miller Sin City comics throw a dash of Tom & Jerry Slapstick violence in the mix, Mad World It is one of the most visually impressive console games.

While the monochrome art style could have made it difficult to discern where players are in relation to other enemies, PlatinumGames expertly uses proper lighting and texture to make the game elegant and functional.

8 El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron uses different artistic methods

Crop El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron

El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron like a stranger Bayonetta. Both titles are hack-and-slash games that blend religious symbolism with exciting subtext. in a El Shaddai, the subtext is considerably more homosexual and considerably less ostentatious. Each chapter in the game uses a completely different art style.

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One section that includes Nephilim contrasts its darker themes with a childish look that shows cartoonish Nephilims playing with beach balls and hoops. Another takes a more futuristic look, evoking the mecha anime aesthetic. Religious themes help give these disparate artistic styles some consistency.

7 Cunning thieves Cooper take advantage of the jump to high accuracy

Malicious Cooper 4 Thieves in Time Bentley Murray Malicious sitting at the table

the wicked cooper With its vibrant crew, colorful worlds, and gorgeous graphics, the series has always been a fan favorite. However, Thieves in time The PlayStation 3 makes the most of the jump to high-resolution hardware and provides what may be the best looking game in the entire franchise.

The premise of time travel allows the crew to take on jobs from exotic places in different eras, giving each class a distinct look and feel. Players can take control of Sly’s many ancestors and perform heists in contemporary France, feudal Japan, the Wild West, and even medieval England.

6 Ni No Kuni allows players to explore a world designed by Studio Ghibli

In-game screenshot of Oliver, the protagonist from Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch.

Level 5 of dark cloud And Professor Layton Fame has teamed up with legendary animation giant Studio Ghibli for the title of JRPG Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Animator and director Yoshiyuki Momose was heavily involved during the game’s production, contributing character design, producing storyboards, and even guiding actors during motion capture sessions.

The game combines its shaded in-game visuals, drawn backgrounds, and hand-drawn clips. Players will feel as if they are participating in an animated movie on par with the studio’s lineage of cinema masterpieces.

5 The 2008 incarnation of Prince of Persia is the most visually stunning entry

Prince of Persia 2008 landscape cropped

While receiving a polarizing reception from fans, 2008 materialized for a long time Prince of Persia The series is arguably the most striking entry into the franchise. Players are tasked with restoring the color and beauty of each of the corrupt lands.

Once Elika rejuvenates the world with her magic, the dark and bleak environments become vibrant and colourful, giving players the right incentive to traverse sections of rhythmic platformers. Flexible and stunning animation enhances the art of majestic Arabian tales. The Prince and Elika navigate the game’s many dangers with a combination of parkour and magic that almost looks ballistic.

4 Jet Set Radio Future is the realization of Smilebit’s artistic vision

Future Jet Set Radio cropped

Jet Set Radio It was a notable title in its initial release, but its sequel, Jet Set Future RadioIt played better and looked nicer. The original Xbox benefits of the title allowed it to push the graphic boundaries future Realizing Smilebit’s artistic vision.

The character models and environments bumped into the number of polygons and graphic details that weren’t possible in the Dreamcast. It’s a shame that even though Sega released a great HD version of the original title, future It has not been re-released or backward compatible with Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

3 Persona 5’s chaotic art style extends to its user interface

Person 5

Person 5The direction of anarchic and colorful art fits perfectly with his premise of rebellious thieves evoking heroes of Becharisque literature, such as Maurice Leblanc’s Arsene Le Pen. The cel-shaded visuals look amazing and do a good job of accompanying hand-drawn character images and stories.

The game’s vibrant artistic direction extends to its user interface, which manages to be flashy and sparkly without becoming at all counter-intuitive. Masayoshi Soto, Game Art Director, stated that it aims to capture the aesthetics of magazines geared toward women.

2 The legend of Zelda Wind Waker has been proven by time

While players expected another title to match an appearance ocarina of timeAnd Wind Wicker Gamecube-optimized hardware was used to give the title a hand-drawn look reminiscent of Disney animation features. disparagingly calledcell“By the press and fans alike, history has finally proven the game because it Zelda Visually better title.

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Link was at his lovable and expressive best in this episode, and the colorful environments made players want to explore every nook and cranny. While the game saw a premium HD release on Wii U, it’s still not available on Switch

1 Okami is a playable Sumi-e board

Okami PS4 Cropped

Summon characters and legends from Japanese Shinto folkloreokamiThe unique visuals brilliantly guide the look of watercolor painting. In a big deviation from Hideki Kamiya’s more flashy and exciting titles like Devil May Cry And Viewtiful atmosphereMajestic and royal beauty Okami Perfectly suited to a story of divine intervention and nature conservation.

The game was originally intended to accentuate a more realistic art direction, with the Shady Sumi immortal appearance being later adopted due to story themes.

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