Marsai Martin and Her Dad Team Up With Hollister

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Daditude, or the art of maximizing comfort and minimizing effort, is an idea that Hollister is promoting in its new Respect Jeans campaign. The production features ABC’s “Black-ish” star (and divorced boss) Marsai Martin with her father and is their first memory of them working together. “It was the first time my dad and I were together on camera because we’re both producers,” Martin told PopSugar via Zoom. “I tend to be very private about my family, but it was really nice to be creative with him.”

The campaign highlights the launch of a new line of dad-inspired jeans, updated wide-leg styles that convey a sense of comfort and youthful energy. As someone who had a defining influence on Martin’s style, Joshua Martin being part of the project made sense. “My dad is often with me during makeup, and always gives his input on my clothing choices,” Martin admits. This is also nothing new. Growing up, Martin could always count on her father for candid comments about her appearance, often given with good humor. Martin shares: “He’d look at the outfit and say, ‘Girl, you know those shoes don’t fit’.'” That used to bother me, but to this day I would ask him for advice on certain outfits.

Jeans are a wardrobe staple that Martin swears by. She loves to wear them ripped, loaded, or high-waisted, and is constantly finding ways to style them. When asked about her favorite pair from the set, she didn’t hesitate: these versatile high-rise dad patchwork jeans, just like you love them. Plus they’re comfortable, something you don’t negotiate. She also adds, “If I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t wear it.”

The Hollister design team clearly had this in mind. Styles look modern, wearable and versatile. And after watching dad and daughter dress so well, we definitely need our own pair (starting with daddy’s patchwork jeans).

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