Meet Kratos and Atreus in a Machine-Learning Pixel Art of God of War

God of War goes deeply pixelated in this new machine learning art that masterfully recreates all the details from the beloved protagonists of the game!

Kratos has been the iconic face of the God of War franchise for contracts now. With the latest entry of the series, the developers added Atreus as a brand new character, who might not stand shoulder to shoulder with Kratos in the amount of popularity, but still is an iconic face for the new age of God of War.

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When a game and its characters become this popular, it means you are going to see them in various forms and art styles. We have already seen Kratos and Atreus in anime arts, manga arts, and more, but here, we will have a look at the pixelated version of them!

God of War | PC Announce Trailer



God of War | PC Announce Trailer





This beautiful pixelated art from God of War has been created using machine learning and has already been uploaded at PixelQuizGame, a webpage for pixelated versions of all popular video game franchises!

This is really amazing that the pixel art features all the key elements from we know from Kratos and Atreus in the highly-detailed 3D models. The colors, the red tattoo of Kratos, and the environment, all are representing the atmosphere from God of War (2018).

Unfortunately, we don’t really know about the machine learning things that have crafted this art and what factors it priorities to deliver such amazing art. But I do recommend you pay a visit to PixelQuizGame and challenge yourself in identifying the pixel arts from some of the most iconic video games of history.

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