Order Framed Photos Online From Shutterfly—Here’s How

Whether you’re in search of some decor to spruce up your bare walls or attempting the gallery wall trend, framed art or photographs can add a touch of sophistication to your home’s interior design. The process of printing your favorite photos then finding frames that will match your decor and are the right size may seem like a chore, but Shutterfly makes creating framed art and pictures an easy and efficient process.

How to Create Custom Framed Photos Online

Shutterfly makes turning your favorite memories into framed works of art easy by allowing you to choose the frames, their sizes and what art or photos you’d like to display all from the comfort of your home.

Your first step for creating the perfect framed print is to pick out the style of the frame you want. With wood, metal and glass frames to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches both the picture you’re choosing and your home’s decor. Shutterfly suggests choosing a frame color that corresponds to a color from your photo for a contrasting look.

Next you’ll pick the size frame that fits the space you had in mind. Shutterfly offers framed prints in 10 different sizes and even has a picture frame size guide for your reference, allowing you to skip the trip to the photo framing store.

Shutterfly framed prints on a wall

Then you’ll pick the photograph or art that you wish to display. Whether it’s a memory from your favorite trip or your child’s latest artwork, framed prints are a great way to add a personal touch to your space.

Some frames have the option to add matting—a border around the image that can add a more professional look to your prints. You can do minor edits right on Shutterfly, as well as customize your image even further with captions.

After, you’ll want to double-check to make sure everything is perfect: no typos in captions, no unintentional cropping before you order your framed prints online.

Types of Frames Available Through Shutterfly

Picking the right style frame is essential, whether it’s to match your decor style or to nail the gallery wall trend. The right frame can help to enhance your photo, turning it into a true piece of art. Here are some of the different types of picture frames available at Shutterfly.

Wood Frames

Shutterfly wood frame

A wood frame could be a good choice for traditional or rustic interior design styles as well as for complementing painted art. Shutterfly has wood frames in a variety of colors that go great in cabin or cottage-inspired interiors or anywhere you wish to evoke warmth, comfort or a vintage-inspired look.

Contemporary Frames

Shutterfly contemporary frames

Shutterfly’s contemporary frames feature matting to give your art the look of a frame within a frame. Many times photos displayed in museums or photography installations feature a mat. These frames can give your print a finished, sophisticated look that is perfect for modern or contemporary homes.

Metal Frames

Shutterfly metal frame

Abstract art, black-and-white photos or other modern prints tend to look the best in a bold yet simple metallic frame. The minimalist design of these modern frame styles allows the image to be the center of attention. These types of frames can look great in modern, industrial and contemporary home styles.

Engraved Glass Frames

Shutterfly engraved glass frame

An engraved picture frame allows you to commemorate moments like weddings, graduations, anniversaries and more with a special message etched into the glass. These kinds of frames make great wedding or Valentine’s Day gifts and will blend in easily with any home decor style.

Tabletop Frames

Shutterfly tabletop frame

Tabletop frames are a good way to add a personal touch around your home. Great for showcasing memories and everyday moments, tablet frames can work as a single accent piece or with several displayed across a mantle.

To find the perfect frame for your favorite photograph or art piece, visit Shutterfly’s selection of custom framed prints here.

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