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Bengaluru: The city’s residential structure contains an interesting blend of ancient Chettinad architecture, British architecture, and idyllic local styles. But as modern architecture has seeped into the city, a style of granite stone house has emerged. The main men behind the idea are Shankar Kannadi and Navnath Kannadi. Teepoi Production Kanade’s latest documentary, based on these two architect brothers.

The Kanade brothers are the masterminds behind the architecture of some of the notable landmarks like Jal Bhawan and Jal Vayu Vihar to name a few. Director of Content and Research Karishma Rao says she has always heard about Kannadi Architects. Several mentors from the industry also guided us on the project. They told us to somehow capture the wisdom of Kanade because they were so effective in the buildings of the 80s and 90s,” says Rao, who met his team Navnath Kanade for the first time at the Wadiyar 2016 Mysuru Architecture Center.

In the world of architecture, the wisdom of Kanade plays an important role in the changing landscape of Bengaluru. It was the time of the rise of the middle class. The idea of ​​abundance did not exist. They were providing their services to the middle class group, so they really wanted something economical. “There were a lot of people who were open about it,” Rao says. Their works are milestones. “For example, Jal Vayu Vihar is one of the biggest projects they have worked on. This is a creative project where they used the ‘chabaddi style’ for which they are famous,” adds Rao.

Although they are originally from Maharashtra, they realized that Chabaddi, known as granite stone, is widely available locally. They even used it for walls. “They used the material so extensively that chappadi itself became very expensive,” says Rao. Another factor that makes their work great is their use of walkways, along with their modular format.

The idea to document the Kennedy brothers’ lives came from the team. “We are a small team of filmmakers and architects. We are constantly looking for stories related to art and architecture. For us, it is important to interact with people so that the subject matter of the film becomes richer,” says Rao.

The 50-minute film is currently being shown in various architectural institutes and in special screenings as a case study. Due to Covid, the release of the film was delayed. We didn’t want to release him in a hurry. So for one year, we will be showing it privately so that we will send it to different film festivals,” says Rao, adding that those interested can contact them for the special screening.

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