The 12 Best Huggie Earrings

Less is not always more – in life, in art, and certainly in fashion, sometimes we crave extremes. But more often than not, an element emerges to validate this old adage, and that is exactly the case with huggie earrings. Named for the way these tiny hoops hug the earlobes, these best Huggie earrings are proof that small and subtle they can still pack a big sewing punch.

Thanks to Huoji’s small footprint, these accessories make for the perfect everyday earrings (they’re certainly less obvious than typical hoop earrings, both aesthetically and functionally). This is especially the case if you’re wearing a style that’s relatively subdued, like a pair of classic stone-studded hugs. But even the option that has a bit more flash — think gems in bold, fun colors or a single earring dangling in chains — adds interest to an outfit without overwhelming it.

Champion of versatility, elegance can be classic or bold, and this has as much to do with the way you design your earrings as the earrings themselves. If you have multiple piercings, line Miley Cyrus’ stacked ears and mix metals, sizes, and textures, then add layers of knots to complement what’s going on above your neck. Instead, keep your leftover jewelry clean for a simple Meghan Markle look.

Are you ready to meet your love match? Scroll through to buy 12 of the best huggie earrings for your buying pleasure.


Sparkly Huggie Earrings With Cult

Meghan Markle fans, note: Chic and subdued, perfect for everyday wear and special occasions, these earrings will bear the Duchess’ seal of approval—and with over 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, they’ve amassed a serious cult following. They’re accented with shiny white cubic zirconia studs, and are available in either rose, white, or yellow gold (each option features a 14-karat plating over stainless steel, perfect for those looking for a hypoallergenic option). But at an astonishingly low price, buying all three options is incredibly easy.


These classic pearls meet modernity

Lean on the pearl trend with these little hugs. The cute faux pearls lining the 14k gold-plated hoops would pair well with subtle arrangements, but they are totally friendly with a more modern vibe; Paired with a ripped T-shirt or classic ripped jeans, these earrings will instantly become gorgeous. If you have many holes, combine them with the sparkly entries on this list for a sweet, subtle shimmer. The material is lead and nickel free, for a safety bonus.


A pair of chunky Huggies embellished with multicolored stones

Consider Kendra Scott Jack Huggie earrings, the golden threads of huggie earrings: not too high, not too quiet, Just the correct. Vibrant, multi-colored stones add a pop of color to any outfit, and the baguette shape is a unique departure from the round stones we often see in hogti. Pair these 14k gold-plated brass hoop earrings with a black leather trench and layered chain necklaces if you’re feeling energetic.


This solo Huggie making a statement

Maria Black’s Single Gold Hue is perfect for anyone with multiple piercings, or if you like a contrast. Sold as a single piece, so you can mix and match with your other jewelry for a highly eclectic look; It will look especially great on a second or third hole. It’s made of sterling silver and plated with 22k rose gold, so it’s another great option for those with sensitive ears. And just because it’s not shiny doesn’t mean it lacks impact – the delicate chain-spanning of this slightly nautical ribbed collar does just as much eye-catching work as the stone.


A pair of elegant gothic Huggies with dangling chain detail

The double chains dangling on these sterling silver hugs give a sophisticated look to the goth aesthetic, especially if you opt for the silver color in the photo (a bit like cuffs, right?). Pair it with shimmering mini buttons for subtle contrast; Or indulge in a heavy metallic look with complementing layered necklaces. (Bonus points if you mix up some yellow gold for an extra punch.) They’re also available in rose or yellow gold, which lend a more subtle or more luxurious feel, respectively.


These Huggies are chunky with a modern black ribbon

The black acrylic ribbon on Jennifer Zeuner Geneva Huggies makes a great choice for anyone who loves an earlobe-grazing style, but with a bit of a boldness. The thick bezel and black graphic band together make a strong statement, while the brushed finish (thanks to 14k gold plating over sterling silver) will catch the light and add some shine. These earrings pair well with office attire; Add a black jacket or dress for a modern look.


A single enamel huggie with a touch of sparkle

This Theia Zoe earring is an enameled entry for those who seek the finest brand of style. The subtle copper hoop, delicate white enamel, and single CZ stone is the epitome of quiet elegance – if Grace Kelly was reborn as an earring now, that would be it. It is sold as one piece, so it will look great in a cartilage piercing; But why not buy two so you have the option of a matching set? And just because this earring would look great with some classic pearls or a structured button down doesn’t mean it can’t handle a little experimentation. For some edges, contrast them with large buttons or dangling chains.


Huggie Gold Braided Earrings are worth the investment

For an interesting spin on the classic huggie, consider these sophisticated hoops from Adina Reyter. Made of solid 14 karat gold, the braided texture makes an elegant and attractive statement on its own. But these can be paired with any other style of earring if you have many piercings (or other jewelry, if you don’t) – fanatics can try this with other gold or studded glitter accessories. Think how great you will look with a little black dress for a formal event; But they will elevate even the simplest of jeans and turtlenecks for everyday wear.


A pair of stone studded Huggies that look expensive

These stone-encrusted hugs in white sterling silver (or yellow or rose gold-plated sterling silver, if you prefer) look a lot more expensive than they are. Cubic zirconia edging these hoops give a hint of sparkle to any outfit, without ever overwhelming your look. It’s a natural choice for those who prefer classic sophistication, but can look edgy in a second; Simply add an earring with a dangling dagger (scroll down for a cool option), or a stack of thick chain necklaces for a cool contrast.


Huggie earrings with cute bubble detail

Made of 14k gold plated brass, the beaded look of these earrings is a great departure from your standard gold hoop. These adorable bubbles bring enough interest to the earrings to function as a stand-alone accessory; But when paired with other dangling collars or chains, they’ll read a little more selectively. Hit the drop-down menu to check out more styles – with over 30 adorable versions to choose from (see: helical spiral beads, curved spikes, or sparkly stilettos), there really is a hueji for everyone.


A pair of Huggies in bold sterling silver

Bottom line, here’s your dream. Made in Italy, these thick silver hoops are a great argument in favor of simplicity. The collar is thick enough to make a statement on their own, and will add instant sophistication to any office or evening outfit. Surprisingly lightweight, it’s a great choice for anyone who loves a chunky earring but can’t stand the weight; One Amazon reviewer wrote, “These beautiful, expertly designed earrings hide damage done to the skin by years of earrings that are too heavy. They are perfect!”


These toothy Huggies that are totally extra

This nickel-free, lead-free and gold-plated hue is embellished with cubic zirconia And You have a dangling golden stud, so if you’re more of a person, these are the ones for you. A small footprint prevents them from being present very Extra, though; Worn on its own, it’s the perfect blend of sweetness and spice. If you really want to elevate the romantic edge, pair it with a silk shirt and a velvet or brocade jacket. Nails aren’t your favorite thing? There are many styles of charms on this list to choose from, from locks to hugs to evil eyes.

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